January 2, 2010

Movin On Up

The Big Blonde Hair Blog Has Moved. Please visit the blonde blogger at: http://thebigblondehairblog.wordpress.com/ .... Since I have already given up most of what I enjoy over the past 9 months, it left ONE New Years Resolution: BLOG MORE!!!

December 2, 2009

Holiday Shopping Woes?

Yes, the Big Blonde Blogger is still alive and delving into personal shopping! If you are having trouble finding the time or motivation to shop for your wife or significant other for Christmas email me at sebastian.lauren@gmail.com. I can help you stay out of the crowded mall and find the one you heart a fantastic gift at the best price this Holiday Season!!!

July 29, 2009

The Trials of Trading Louis for Loehmans

Since I am a woman of the people, I worry that those of you who are not into teenage vampire novels have been left without anything to read at North Avenue Beach this summer. Although I still cannot stress enought that you are missing out on that one, I found another gem for you to pick up while you work on your tan, this one containing more Prada and pearls than vampires.

Let's just say I have a long history with this book. It was about 2.5 years ago when I first hopped on amazon.com and ordered Bitter is the New Black fully titled Bitter is the New Black : Confessions of a Condescending, Egomaniacal, Self-Centered Smartass,Or, Why You Should Never Carry A Prada Bag to the Unemployment Office (funny without even cracking it open, no?)by Chicago native Jen Lancaster, at the recommendation of a friend. I opened it and was immediately addicted, which ironically created a problem as it encountered another addiction of mine...I took the book everywhere. Normally I would listen to my iPod on the El (Or at least put it on with the sound off so no crazy crack heads talked to me), but tossed the Pod to the side in favor of reading my new fab novel on the train. Unfortunately these good times were short lived, as I often opted for happy hour after work. Walking into the bar, the book was tucked securely in my non-zipping (I know) purse. Walking out of the bar...who the hell knows what happened to it. I lost TWO (one, not two) copies of this book. Chances are one of you readers picked up my copy on the El, in a taxi or in my front lawn (and possibly a few of my cell phones as well) and have beat me to the punch. At the time, it just wasn't mean to be.

Fast forward 2.5 years, a new purse with a zipper and add 4 months of no drinky....Which brings me to a few weeks ago, a seemingly like a good time to hop back on amazon.com again and get back into the book... Mostly because I couldn't attend happy hour now without sobbing.

This cynibook is based on the life of Jen Lancaster, the author, a Chicago native who was living the good life as the Vice President of a dot com company in the early part of the decade. Jen and her boyfriend have a swanky Bucktown apartment, she spends her lesiure time at the salon, and at Neiman's and Bloomingdales and isn't afraid to tell anyone how it is (or how she sees it)...until she is laid off. The book is a cynical and hilarious look at her 2+ years of unemployment, with stories that many can relate to. It is a great look at how reality hits most at some point and the trials and tribulations of trading Fendi for Forever 21 and realizing that going from from the yuppie neighbor to the white trash neighbor can happen in the blink of an eye.

Chicago natives will love this because there are many references to Chicago bars, neighborhoods and landmarks. People who aren't in Chicago will love this because of the sheer humor and cleverness of the writing.

I HIGHLY recommend this book. If you like this blog, it is definitely for you as some similar topics are covered and the humor is similar (except she is wayyyy funnier). Plus you can get it for $5.25 used on Amazon, so skip a half of a martini (I am just jealous) and get on it!


July 28, 2009

Saving The Bachelorette

So the final episode of The Bachelorette was last night, from what I hear. I must confess that I did not watch this season, although I was obsessed with last season. The decision not to view was for a few reasons. #1- What could possible beat the entertainment of D-Bag Jason, the last Bachelor, crying like a school girl every 3.5 minutes and jerking around 2 girls that were way too good for him? My skeptical nature lead me to believe that this season could never compete and I would only be disappointed. #2 - Every time I did turn on the show, Jillian was making out with a different dude. I had already seen her dry humping Jason in the hot tub, does America need more of this? If I wanted to see a boring girl making out with 10 guys after a few drinks I would go down to Barleycorn on a Saturday night. #3- At the beginning it overlapped with "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here", which I will admit I became addicted to. I think seeing that in writing could be almost as embarrassing as admitting a crack addiction. #4- Pick a blonde Bachelorette already, it's been awhile. I know we get a bad rap, but I don't think we are any skankier than the brunettes that have been on the show. After all, most of us are brunettes underneath anyhow!

Since ABC did not thrill me this season (get it together, I AM your target market), I am taking it upon myself to make next season (which will be The Bachelor) more entertaining by campaigning for everyone to nominate my dear friend of 15+ years, Becky Flasck (pictured above...HECK YEAH I added a picture this week, movin on up!). For those of you that don't know her, she would be PERRRRFECT, although she is not a blonde :-) !!!!! If you are asking yourself if you have met her, you haven't, you would remember! First, I am doing this because she is really a great person that deserves a guy who has his s*it together...Although the Bachelor may not always have this quality (ie Jason), she hearts Kiptyn, who is the next Bachelor, so he must have something going on. (I am skeptical of anyone named Kiptyn, however I will trust her judgement and give her support). Second, I am doing America a favor, as Becky should have her own reality show. ABC should be paying her. If you have ever been out at a bar and witnessed "The Becky Show", you would know what I meant. She is a great girl, a total hottie and has personality plus!

With that, I leave you with the link below and encourage you to nominate her. The application literally takes about 2 minutes. While I am not posting her height, weight and address on this blog, I can be contacted at sebastian.lauren@gmail.com for this info and a picture to upload. Seriously, I know we are all busy, but do yourself a favor and stop changing your Facebook status for 2 minutes ("Lauren Sebastian...Can't wait to eat lunch!"...NO ONE CARES), shoot me an email and fill this out. Make some good TV to view when the weather gets cold!
PS - I plan to forbid her from going into the "Fantasy Suite" on live TV... A-Her dad would be disappointed aka disown her B-When I ACCIDENTALLY caught one of the "Fantasy Suite" scenes this season, Jillian had taken on of her potential mates up there and he had gotten "stage fright" (perhaps from the prospect of being sloppy thirteenths), so she just ended up looking easy and didn't even get any :-). Not worth it Beckster.

July 13, 2009

The Real Fashionistas of New Jersey

Move over Tony & Carmella, there is a new famous "family" in North Jersey. Say what you will about these Real Housewives ( and there is A LOT to say) but there is no denying that these ladies have got the drama and the dress! For those of you who weren't watching A-Shame on you for having a life and B-I strongly suggest catching the re-runs on Bravo before Season 2 (YES, you heard me ladies and gents, rumor has it that filming is about to begin for the next season, which is supposedly twice the Drrrama, with a CAPITAL D!). Fashion lovers take notice, the season was filled with great finds.

First and foremost, for those of you who did watch, tell me you don't remember Dina's Blue & Cream Alice & Olivia Hombre Rosette tube dress from "The Final Supper" ( http://www.seenon.com/fashion-rewind-dinas-alice-olivia-ombre-rosette-tube-dress-from-the-real-housewives-of-new-jersey/ ) ...It was a dream. In fact, when I Googled it to snatch up one of my own, it was impossible to find (*reward offered to anyone who finds this IN STOCK and sends me the link*). It may have been a travesty for Danielle to bring 'the book' to a nice dinner, but it surely was was a sin for Teresa to flip that table and run the risk of spilling anything on that fashion masterpiece!

After putting my Sherlock Hermes hat on and doing some investigating, I discovered that Dina recently launched her own website, Ina Jolie, featuring Women's and Children's clothing and accessories - http://www.inajolie.com/index.html . As the welcome page on the site explains, it is brand new & in the works (as the site is looking a little less than couture at this point), but I have a feeling this is one to keep an eye on because the girl has style.

Sites I am not as sure about but will still follow just to see....Housewife Caroline is also using the spotlight to launch a fashion website of her own - http://www.4mymom.com/index.html . This one is for toddlers, but may have some cute finds, it's hard to say since I don't know if being mildly frightening equates to being a good Internet retailer. Housewife Teresa is also using her 15 minutes to launch a website with apparel & accessories for men, women and kids http://www.teresagiudice.com/. I may suggest steering clear of the T's with Teresa's "memorable" quotes screen printed on them. I love the show, but you gottsta be true Jersey to sport that! The girls clothes may be cute, as her own daughter's were dressed like mini fashionistas. As you can tell, I enjoy the show, but you've gotto be true Jersey to go after one of those.

As I serach for my Real Housewives finds, check out the fiasco's and fashion of the RHofNJ, you don't want to miss this:


July 10, 2009

If You Seek Brittney

Let me just start off by saying that after a longer than expected hiatus, The Big Blond Hair Blog is back. For those of you who know my recent happenings, I assure you that this will not turn into the Big Blond Baby Blog, and there will be no mention of diapers, dreaded breast pumps, or the "cool" new maternity jeans I am sure to convince myself are stylish to stop from falling into fashion depression. If I ever feel the need to start talking about this, I assure you I will find a different media that will broadcast to interested parties (aka a personal journal).

Where to begin? So much has happened while I have been away.....The Real Housewives of New Jersey, the death of the King of Pop, Lauren attending Heidi & Spencer's wedding....Where do I begin? After some deep thought sessions, I have decided to start with Brittney Spears making me realize that I am no spring chicken.

A few months back my dear friend Erica was kind enough to invite me to see Brittney on her Circus Tour. I had never been a Brittney fanatic, but I figured it would be a good show and at the very worst I would get to witness a nervous breakdown or Brit referring to some part of the female anatomy into a mic that she thinks is turned off. Well, I was very pleasantly suprised...she put on the best show I have ever seen! Was this what I was missing out on my only attending concerts with metal detectors at the door? She really put on such a fantastic show, I cannot say enough, nor can I cannot even imagine the cost....7 costume changes, amazing set changes, amazing dancers, pyrotechnics...I could go on! She looked amazing, danced amazing, and "sounded" amazing. I was even taking pictures on my phone! She made me feel like I was 16 again (thank God because that was probably the average age of the other concert goers), screaming and cheering, and it was fantastic!

Things changed after the concert. I had more Brittney on the iPod, I made frequent channel changes to E News to see what she was up to (okay, maybe I always watched it nightly, but I definitely paid much better attention !)and I was singing proudly along to my new fave song of hers on the radio..."Love me hate me say what you want about me all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to blah blah do do do", repeat. Man what a great song!

Fast forward to this week.....My sister in law enlightened me to the fact that all of my blah blah do do do's were not so innocent (no pun intended :-). She is a high school lacrosse coach, and was informed of the meaning of the song, actually entitled 'If You Seek Amy' by her players. As I'm thinking, "who is this Amy and what could be so dirty about this song?" I then proceeded to repeat "Are begging to if....you....seek...Amy" slooowly and boom, there is was! (For all of you that are as slow as I am, Google search "If You Seek Amy Lyrics meaning', although I am almost positive I am the only one who was unaware of this) Sure, I am getting "older" but I still have this picture of myself as knowing what is going on! Was Brittney taunting me for being too old to like her music? Did I need to change the station to Light FM, throw away my Juicy tracksuits in favor of Ann Taylor and say goodbye to any hint of youth I may have had left?

As I thought about this, I was reminded of the day back when I was younger and visiting my granny at the senior building. We ran into her friend Mildred who informed me that she was taking her young children to a Disney movie. I asked which Disney movie and she replied " Oh that one about lambs? What is it? .... Silence of the Lambs" I was quick to inform Mildred that this was hardly and Disney movie and ended up being a heroine, responsible for saving her grandkiddies from years of nightmares and therapy. Was I now Mildred???

After much thought I came up with on concluison.... I never learn. Brittney is back in Chicago September 9th and I'm about to buy tickets (after I look up ALL of her lyrics online), whether I'm too old or not. I suggest you join me! (Fast forward to me at age 50 and still shopping at Forever 21).



April 27, 2009

To Be Continued

The Big Blonde Hair Blog has been put on a slight hiatus for road trips to Arkansas, lack of sleep and pottty training puppies...But I will be back this week!!!

April 21, 2009

Giddy Up!

The Kentucky Derby is rapidly approaching....No plans?! May 2nd is a day of celebration much like Halloween. Add: Horses subtract: Headless Horsemen add: Mint Juleps subtract: Thin Mints add: Big floral hats and dresses subtract: Witch hats and naughty nurse dresses... See, they are EXACTLY alike! AND would you sit in if Halloween was on a warm Saturday in May?!!! I think not! Put the anti-anxiety meds away, I have the remedy for your potentially problematic situation.

For those of us who cannot make the trek to Churchill Downs and bet on the horse with the goofiest name, what better way to spend the day then on a pub crawl with all of your friends and friends to be. What better way to use my blog than to promote my own business endeavors?!!There is nothing like a day of drinking Mint Juleps and Miller Lite to celebrate this yearly occasion. And who doesn't love a good pub crawl to kick off summer? You will get all this and more by attending Derby Daze Chicago http://www.derbydazechicago.com/ , the pub crawl event of the year!

Ladies, this means finding the best outfit possible, for 3 reasons. Reason 1- To avoid being one upped by the hot 19 year old (Hey...We are hosting this in the DePaul neighborhood, someone under 25 could come!!!) with her fabulous dress, big boobs and trendy hat. Reason 2- You'd don't want to miss out on the chance to win the Best Dressed contest! Reason 3 - Who doesn't love a little pub crawl make out??? (We are not responsible if the person you chose to make out with after 5 Mint Juleps ends up looking like the winner of the Derby when you sober up).

This doesn't have to be a bank breaking endeavor...I saw some great hats and dresses at Loehman's on State Street and some great hats at Target for less than $15. Also, dig a bit in your own closet. Any polka dot, floral dress or brightly colored dress with a big hat to accessorize should do the trick! If you want something special and just won the lotto, Betsey Johnson makes the most amazing Derby-Ready dresses!

Don't be a horses ass (couldn't resist), click on the link below to buy your ticket! Price includes drink specials, a chance to mingle with hot members of the opposite sex, a chance to win prizes and more!


And check out our Facebook page:


Shopping Ideas:

Hat: $12.99 http://www.target.com/xhilaration-Xhilaration-Floppy-Hat-Black/dp/B001KWANIG/sr=1-10/qid=1240352507/ref=sr_1_10/189-6761470-9875746?ie=UTF8&frombrowse=0&index=target&rh=k%3Awomens%20hats&page=1

Hat: $26.99 http://www.target.com/Designs-Green-Brim-Spiral-Ribbon/dp/B001GKVZMA/sr=1-13/qid=1240352563/ref=sr_1_13/189-6761470-9875746?ie=UTF8&frombrowse=0&index=target&field-browse=1038576&rh=k%3Awomens%20hats&page=1

Fabulous Forever 21 Special - $22.80! http://www.forever21.com/product.asp?catalog%5Fname=FOREVER21&category%5Fname=dress&product%5Fid=2059251516&Page=2

Cute and understated for floral/print haters:http://www.express.com/catalog/product.jsp?productId=9565&parentCategoryId=2&categoryId=22&subCategoryId=325

Satin halter...Adorable with a big white hat! http://www.forever21.com/product.asp?catalog%5Fname=FOREVER21&category%5Fname=dress&product%5Fid=2048018067&Page=10

Lets break the bank: http://www.betseyjohnson.com/store/productdetails2.aspx?categoryid=1101&productid=6904&np=1101

April 20, 2009

Yelp Is On The Way!!!

How did I make any decisions before Yelp.com? I do not know, I'd have to check Yelp.com. Yelp is the best thing to happen to me since Forever 21. I do not do anything without checking Yelp reviews first. Need a hair stylist? Check Yelp.com. Need a mechanic who won't slash your tires? Consult Yelp. Even problems like finding a new dentist or a bikini waxer that won't make you cry can be easily solved by reading the reviews of fellow Yelpers! I know most of you are probably on the Yelp train, but if you haven't checked it out stop reading immediately and go directly there.

Another fabulous thing is that you can absolutely, ever so passively, rip into anyone/anywhere that gives you bad service. If you are anything like me and do not enjoy confrontation with strangers, and would dread asking to talk to a manager at a restaurant, Yelp is on your side. Trash the bad chicken parm that you paid $200 on the Gold Coast or the rude waiter at a whim. I know for a fact that many business owners are consulting Yelp reviews and taking note....The good ones even offer discounts to return and have a chance to prove themselves again. On the other end of things, it is a great way to give props to businesses that do a great job with a 5 star review, because they deserve it! Since I can't review Yelp on Yelp, consider this 5 stars!

If only there was a Yelp.com for dating....


April 16, 2009

You Sexy Minx

It's sloooowly starting to get warmer, which means it time to break out the sandals and start taking care of ourselves again ladies and metro-sexuals!!! I walked down Southport today, and saw all 10 nail salons jam packed with people, scrambling to get their nails done in anticipation of the 70 degree forecast tomorrow. Time to break out the sandals! The rule is after Easter anything goes, no?!

To me, this is minor torture. While some people enjoy a day at the nail salon, I dread it. I am addicted to the outcome, however the experience itself ranks with that of the dentist. Spending 2 hours, face to face and then face to foot, with someone I do not know is ever so awkward! I often go to the cheapest place I can find, and am ever fearful I will leave with some dreadful nail fungus that will put me in a coma. I am most uncomfortable making someone scrape dead skin off of my feet...Should anyone be subjected to such a task? I spend most of pedicure time squirming, my body jolting as if I am having a minor seizure as the pedicurist does her work, as my feet are extremely ticklish!

I may have found the remedy to my nail woes! As I was watching E News Daily (the ONLY source for important news :-) ) a few weeks back, I caught a spot on "Minx". It is a new product to the nail industry, and stars like Beyonce (http://www.minxnails.com/Minx-Your-Say.asp ) have quickly become fans! Essentially, it is a covering for your nail that forms to fit your nail like polish when put under heat, so no painting! Minx comes in exciting and bold patterns, so you can have nails sporting plaids, metallics, cheetah print, alligator skin..Even a nativity scene (to each their own)! Consider this the less trashy and updated version of airbrushing! ( http://www.minxnails.com/cylantscart/index.php?p=catalog&parent=1&pg=1 ) . It is also said to last longer than the average manicure, which means less awkward silence!

As soon as I caught wind of this, I went straight to their website ( http://www.minxnails.com/default.asp) to see where I could go to a Chicago nail salon and get Minx-ed, only to see no one listed. I was determined, so I emailed the company who also said that there in fact, were no Chicago salons. Does no one in this city watch E!? I even flipped through Vogue yesterday and saw a feature on the product. Get with it Midwest salon owners! (Adri-You can check this out because the product actually originated in Cali, you lucky girl!)

The mission,should you choose to accept, is to get Minx into Chicago salons. This can only be accomplished with your support!!!! Mention this amazing product to your manicurist or the manager of your favorite salon and watch the fabuolous trend (yes, I am aware it will be a trend and will not take the place of the actual polish manicure, but a good one at that) take root in the Midwest!


April 15, 2009

My Husband's Itallian Wife

I love fashion as much as the next person...maybe more than the average person. I flip through Vogue and gaze at the amazing pieces...I watch the Academy Awards, even though I have often never seen any of the movies, only to see what everyone is wearing. I am amazed at the inspiration behind designers pieces, and am ever intrigued on where they get their ideas from. However, when it really comes down to it, my style icon in not Twiggly or Jackie O.... It is Adriana La Cerva, from the Soprano's. Random? Perhaps, but toss me a matching Juicy tracksuit, allow me to accent with some animal print and gold jewelery, take me to get some acrylics and I'm in heaven.

While some people day dream of living in London or Paris, I really actually often wish I had a Jersey accent and spent my summers on the shore in the house that Mark, who we would call by his middle name, Salvo, bought from his job in the "construction" industry. I would sport a leopard print bikini (under my Juicy tracksuit) , have huge teased hair, wear stiletto heels by the pool, and play cards with my girlfriends. After my long day, I would cook meatballs for dinner, in my Juicy tracksuit (notice the versatility?!). We would drive around in our Cadillac, we would call people "Wise Guys" and Mark would say "Fuggedaboudit" into the wee hours of the night, when I would spend a half hour before bed removing my Adriana style eye makeup.

For now, since I don't want to get off-ed and do not like the idea of my husband having girlfriends, I will stay in Chicago, wearing my Juicy tracksuit that I bought on store credit, slightly unzipped to reveal my leopard print tank top, with my huge blond hair and masses of jewelry, married to my 1/4 Italian husband who makes fantastic meatballs...Hell, if things get crazy, we might even go eat at Gene & Georgetti's.

While "researching" for this blog, I have even discovered I may not be the only one!

To all of you true fashionistas...FUGGEDABOUDIT.

April 14, 2009

Fashion Rx

Does anyone watch "What Not To Wear"? Good show, right? I do not watch this show as often as I would like, as I try not to subject Mark to this, but am able to sneak it in on lovely occasions, like this evening. Being a fashion enthusiast, I really enjoy the outfits, the practical style tips and the final unveiling of the newly made over formerly fashion challenged subject. It's educational (It IS on "The LEARNING Channel") and on the non-trashy end of the reality TV spectrum, serving as a good break from "For the Love of Ray J".

What I find curious is that 99% the subjects often end up balling halfway through the show, whether it is in their hotel room or in the middle of a department store, there are always waterworks. Might I ask what they are crying about? Are they crying about the $5000 dollar shopping spree in New York that they are partaking in? The free hair make over and make up consultation? Or is it the personal stylists? If anything, I would lose it at the beginning when they went through my wardrobe and threw away my favorite clothing.

I also wonder where they find some of these people (See: http://tlc.discovery.com/fansites/whatnottowear/slideshows/before-and-after/season-6-slideshow.html ). If any of you caught the episode with the girl who had an actual detachable raccoon tale as part of her wardrobe, I am sure you are thinking the same thing. I'm all about having your own sense of style, but a tail? I would also like to see these people 3 months after the makeovers...Similar to "The Bachelor: After The Final Rose". I am willing to bet this chick pulled a Jason and has the tail on again.

Also interesting to me, is the episode where Stacey and Clinton barged in on someone's wedding, and swept the couple away to be made over, at the husbands request. Could the bride have been happy about this? A- They broke up her wedding B- They told her she would have to postpone her wedding a week, fly to New York and come back to get married. C- Her groom was esentially saying, "Hey, I will marry you after you get your look together". This is one episode that the subject would have every reason to sob! The one redeeming fact is that they took the husband away to be made over too, telling him that his bride to be wasn't the only one flaunting fashion faux paus. Take a look at the poor woman and her husband: http://tlc.discovery.com/fansites/whatnottowear/slideshows/before-and-after/season-6-slideshow.html

When it comes down to it, great show. Excellent to catch a marathon on a lazy Saturday. Clinton, Stacy and Carmindy (Who is not a stripper or Madonna, yet gets away with having only one name) are also cute and loveable, making the show that much better.

Know someone you'd like to nominate (Idea: Good way to insult one of your boyfriend's ex-girlfriends):

April 10, 2009

Urban Oasis

So I just looked at the ten day forecast and it reads 56 degrees and rainy on day ten.... Not what I was hoping for! I was looking for 70 and sunny, weather.com! It's apparently a Chicago tradition to start saying that the weather is going to get and stay nice when we see the first glipse of sun and warmer temps, which is often on St. Patty's weekend. It's fantastic to have the party weekend of the year in such weather, the problem is that it Lincoln Parkers really can't store their North Faces away until May!!!! If Chicago wasn't the MOST fantastic city on earth May through Mid-October, I would be outta here!

For those of you looking for a brief escape, I have an answer that will last a bit longer than those 10 blissful minutes of relaxation in the tanning bed (which I am no longer participating in since 30 is approaching like it's going out of style and I would rather not have skin looking like a Member's Only leather jacket from 1983) and that is cheaper than a trip to the Bahamas. Grab your girls and head down to 1030 North State and find your tropical oasis!

Located in the heart of the ever famous Viagra Triangle, Trader Vics Chicago ( http://www.tradervicschicago.com/ ), which was once a staple at the Palmer House and has recently re-located and re-opened, is a tropical getaway that will make you feel like you are in the Tahiti for happy hour! Trader Vics Polynesian style interior and 5 page drink menu that boasts beverages sipped out of coconuts (try the Chi-Chi...I love it!!!) and multi colored drinks with parrots sticking out of them, you cannot go wrong! They claim to have invented the Mai Tai, and from the way theirs taste you'd better believe it!

The food is also fantastic! With a Polynesian inspired menu, the taste is definitely unique to Chicago. I love the macadamia nut mahi mahi, seared Hawaiian tuna and the filet of beef. Everything else I have sampled is fabuloso as well! The food is cooked in a woodfire stove, making the tastes a change from the norm and ever so flavorful.

Get out of the cold and let a Mai Tai warm you up!!!! This is no Dick's Last Resort...The cheese factor is definitely not in that ballpark! After all, Hef takes the Girls Next Door there, and who says non-cheesy like the Hef-ster :-)...Good enough for Kendra, good enough for you :-).

Mojito Mondays - $5 Mojitos
Mai Tai Tuesdays - $5 Mai Tais

Check out the reviews:

April 9, 2009

Vampires, Werewolves and Teenagers...Oh My!

"My name is Lauren, and I'm addicted to Twilight." For those of you who have read it, you know what I'm talkin 'bout. For those of you who haven't and are rolling your eyes, give me a minute. I got my hands on the first magical pages of the book last Christmas, when I had a nice little break for work and some time to relax. I wouldn't call myself an avid reader (shocking I know). I like to read, but hadn't read anything aside from US Weekly since I got halfway through Devil In The White City and decided there was too much history and not enough serial killing. This seemed like an easy read and it was on sale at Target. What wasn't to like?

At first it was somewhat of a secret read (by somewhat I mean totally), kept to the confines of my of my own home. Too embarassed to admit that I was reading tales of vampires and teenage love affairs, I kept my book safely tucked away in my purse on the El and other public venues. What was next? Would I be watching High School Musical and listening to Miley Cyrus? It sure felt like a slippery slope, and keeping this new obsession to myself was surely the way to go.

That is until one day I got to work and realized I wasn't the only one. One morning I heard fragments of conversations drifting over my cubicle wall including such words as "Vampire" and "Edward". Was I imaginging this? Could it be my totally normal and cool co-workers had read the books as well? My suspicions were confirmed as I walked into the lunchroom, and there sat one of my co-workers, Twilight in hand, unable to put it down. While I was only on book 1, some of them were on the 3rd in the series! Conversations about the books swirled around the office and suddenly not having read Twilight made you in the minority. I was in Twilight heaven.

I am now on the third book, and I even shelled out for hard cover because it is not available in paperback yet. If you haven't read it, try it. It will get you out of the day to day grind, and bring you back to high school days in a good way...But in this case the new girl, who isn't homecomming queen, gets the hot, mysterious guy. Not so much my high school experience. (If it was your high school experience, screw you :-) ).

Trust me on this one....You can literally get it for $4.96 used on Amazon, cheaper than a Big Mac Meal at McDonalds and it won't make you fat.


April 7, 2009

Santa's Little Helper

So I'm reading Glamour or In Style or one of those the other day and stumble across the new "It" lip gloss from Chanel..... http://shop.nordstrom.com/hs/MALPR36Y ... Glance at the price, and get ready for a rant...Are you kidding me? $60!!! People are paying $60 for to have their lip glosses home be in 2 small (did I mention SMALL) Chanel C's. Is it really that cool to whip that sucker out and have the lady next to you in the bathroom see that your lip gloss is "Limited Addition" Chanel?! Is the gloss made of diamonds? Do I put it on and it makes my ass get smaller? I think not...

For those of you who are into makeup but do not want to break the bank, I am introducing you to ELF (eyes, lips, face) www.eyeslipsface.com. It was passed on to me from my mom about 6 months ago (conservative families pass on recipes and heirlooms, liberal families pass on cheap makeup sites). I promise you, it is MUCH better than Wet and Wild (I'm not a fan) or any of the other cheap brands you find at Walgreens. I use their eyeshadow, lip gloss and face shimmer on a daily basis!

Individual lip glosses, eye shadows etc. are only $1!!!! You could buy 60 of these : http://www.eyeslipsface.com/lips/hypershine_gloss for the price of ONE Chanel Limited Edition lip gloss.

You can also find great, inexpensive gifts for your girlfriends!

Give it a try! It will feel like Christmas in April when you order 25 things (for $25!!!) and get the big box'o'makeup in the mail!!

April 6, 2009

Play Ball!

Watching Soriano lead off Cubs opening day with a homer has inspired me to talk a little baseball today. I won't be talking about Zambrano's pitching like the boys at the bar, or telling the story of how Mark got thrown up on by a wasted Brewers fan last year (maybe next time....that is a killer story), I will be talking about how baseball apparel can make you hotter than the bleachers at Wrigley on a 90 degree day.

Short and sweet...Men, whether it's your boyfriend, husband or the hottie you made eye contact with on the El, like nothing more then a chick dressed in an outfit sporting the name or logo of their favorite team. We all know guys think about little else than sports and sex (sorry), making such outfits a killer combo! Add a Miller Lite in hand and you will have more options than the next Bachelorette before you can take your second sip! Short skirts and stiletto's don't have anything on my Cubs matching tracksuit, I swear to you.

There are a few easy rules to making this work:
1- VINTAGE = GOOD....The vintage look is hot right now for both men's and women's sports gear.
2- Beware the Alyssa Milano line "Touch". There are some cute pieces, but much borders on trash wear...The key is to make it cute without making it look trashy! For example....Here is a DON'T:
3- No men's over sized sweatshirts and nothing that is so tight it looks painted on...Make it cute and make it fit.
4- A head to toe look is killer, ie a tracksuit, but don't over do it. Stick with blues, blacks or greys..Steer clear of pink, it adds the high maintenance factor to the look...Keep it sporty
5- Don't spend money on a jersey....Baseball players get traded left and right and you look like a moron having no clue the jersey you are wearing is of someone who has been traded .
6-No Fukadome gear purchased outside of the Cubby Bear....Having a Japanese player on your team doesn't make sporting a shirt that says "Hory Cow" any less racist.

Home opener at Wrigey is next Monday so you've got time to hop on the sites below, place an order and watch how easy it is to get to first base :-)!!!



For sports other than MLB Retro sport is an awesome line, especially for Bears gear:


April 3, 2009

Waste The Last Hour Of Your Friday...

Happy Friday! I know you are sitting at your desk wondering how you are going to make it for one more hour in your cubicle before the Miller Lite free flow starts at Happy Hour. I am here to save you! Waste the next 15-30 minutes (45 if you slowly pass it along to friends via email) by clicking on the link below and uploading a picture of yourself onto the website. The extremely high tech, technologically advanced site, developed by what are sure to be the most gifted web developers on earth, will answer that burning question: What celebrity do I look like most?

You know you've been at the grocery store checkout and the person taking your credit card says "Hey, has anyone ever told you that you look like Jennifer Aniston?" Or you've been at the bar, and the guy you are chatting it up with (who is OBVIOUSLY not trying to go home with you) says "Did anyone ever tell you that you look like Giselle?" Now you can find out if you really do!

Enjoy and have a great weekend!!!


PS Don't cry...I got Tara Reid (Who knew it could figure out that I have a tramp stamp by just looking at my face???)...It can't get much worse than that.

April 2, 2009

Hair In The City

Getting your hair done in Chicago....What a joke. Those of you who live here know that you walk into most salons, and walk out with a $200+ tab for hair that isn't all that fabulous. Searching for a great salon and a fabulous stylist in this city is like searching for a guy under 30 year here who isn't drunk 5 days a week and wants to settle down....Good luck! I spent 4 years looking for "the one".... (If you just want to know who "The One" is without the drama, skip to the end of this lengthy blog, click on the link and make an appointment...If you want to know how I found it, read on).

The number of salons I have been to in my 4 years in Chicago exceeds the number of guys I dated before I found Mark (keeping in mind that I hated dating and keeping these roots blonde is like a full time job). I bounced around a few trendy downtown salons, before finding my first "long" term relationship with a Wrigleyville salon. It was small, cute and friendly, the same person cut, colored and dried my hair. I didn't feel like I was in Manhattan and I was good with that. They had some dogs...they even offered you beer with your service! How Wrigleyville and cute! I didn't LOVE my hair, but it was good enough and I was comfortable and content. My stylist was also from Michigan, we swapped tattoo stories, I even bought her a Christmas gift. I went there for a good to 2 years UNTIL I found out their dirty little secret from an ex client....They were CHARGING me for the beer! They added it on to my tab of services, with me none the wiser! How could they?! I felt cheated....It was time to move on...I didn't need a salon who needed to give their clients a buzz to love their hair.

I then went back to an "ex", which we all know never works. It was comfortable...It was a stylist that I had formerly seen, but in the past we had conflicting schedules so it hadn't worked. Maybe it would work out this time....My hair did look better, she really is great! However, I practically had to get a second job to pay for my hair...insanely high for a Northside salon. I didn't know what to do, so I stayed, avoiding the inevitable break up, convinced you had a to pay a hefty price for trendy tresses in the Chi.

And then I found "the one". Ironically, it was when I wasn't even looking for a salon (isn't that how it always happens?). I was sick of the corporate world (a nightmare which I shall blog about at a later date) and I was looking for a new job. I applied for an opening at Exsalonce, a small Roscoe Village salon and spa, and was hired. I had full intentions of staying loyal to my former stylist...until they told me about the generous employee discount! I had to at least give it a try.... From that moment, I'm telling you, my hair has never looked better. In the past I have told stylists to make my hair "big" and it's just never big enough...I left looking like I was from Dallas (not to say this is standard, for those of you who aren't into that look) and I was in love. They listened to me! There were actually stylists who know how to follow direction and don't charge your life savings for it! They have an incredible ability to see a persons style and style their hair accordingly! People of all ages, men and women, leave looking amazing! Don't even get me started on the extensions....

They are totally reasonably priced ($45-$50 for a cut, $85+ for hi-lights, $65 for single process), quick and efficient and the stylists do a FANTASTIC JOB. They give discounts for referrals, run generous promotions and treat their clients as they should be!

I will never go to another Chicago salon. Don't waste 4 years trying to find "The One" like I did.

It's not just me...Read the reviews on Yelp


March 31, 2009

The Wii Recession Workout...Too Broke For Bikram

I tried Bikram yoga for the first time in November, about 10 years behind everyone else. Nonetheless, I fell in love with it. Sweating that much has to be a workout...I googled it and I burned 1000 something calories for my weight (the website was OBVIOUSLY totally valid) in one class, and I didn't even have to run anywhere! Curvy people in spandex (only applicable in Midwest classes), skinny people in spandex...it was a workout free for all! Could this be? A workout I liked? This was too good to be true!

30 days after that first class reality hit...My $30 all-you-can-Bikram-for-a-month membership was up! How quickly a month passes...So I went to the website of my Lincoln Park yoga studio to look up what my next yoga package would be only to be shocked by figures such as $15 a class (the price of a new shirt from Forever 21!)...$150 per month?! In this economy??? As a newlywed who's ever dependable credit card had been yanked from her hand (smartly) by her husband, there was no where to turn.

Bikram withdrawl was soon to follow. I said things like "Someone will get me Bikram classes as a Christmas gift, then I will go back". "I will have 3 less Miller Lites at the bar and use that money to pay for Bikram!" Unfortunately, these were empty promises to myself, and I did not feel the 105 degree warmth for the month of December or January.

Then, one fateful day in February I wandered in to a Best Buy that just happened to be down the block from my Bikram studio. I was looking for a gift to buy for my husband who I had been especially unpleasant with (OBVIOUSLY a result of lack of Bikram) when I stumbled upon the Nintendo Wii Fit. He wanted to get back into shape, he looooved the Wii and this combination was the answer. What a totally selfless gift to give my husband!Or so I thought.

Little did I know, the Wii...the video game that I despised and my husband stared at for hours on end... was the fix to my yoga deprivation. I decided to try it one day as an excuse to skip the gym. That is the day I stumbled upon Wii Fit yoga. With 15 yoga poses that an ever so encouraging trainer works you through, how can you go wrong? No one can see that I'm really not flexible, or that my downward dog is a disgrace. I roll out of bed in the morning, stumble into the living room, press a button and presto....I'm in my own personal yoga class!!!! The Wii even tracks my balance and tracks my posture on poses! I can hardly wait until the summer when it actually is 105 degrees and I have my own personal Bikram studio in the comfort of my own living room!!! I don't even have to be frightened by that first breathing exercise....

One day, the stock market will go up and I will feel the warmth of a Bikram studio. Until then....Wii fit, $100 dollars until you break it. Bikram yoga, $150 per month. Beat that Suze Orman.


March 30, 2009

The Millionaire Matchmaker??!

Apparently, the Millionaire Matchmaker isn't making millions yet! Every week I watch the show and I recognize Patty's wardrobe from my own closet. She's an Express junkie! Last Thursday, both the Zebra and Leopard tank that she was wearing can be found in my closet, and I am guessing the closets of thousands of average American girls...And this isn't the first Express spotting!

Patty works it...just think about what you would do with it. She tells it like it is AND she buys her wardrobe from Express with Kitson and Fred Segal right down the street. Props to her and her stylist.

Get your own...Buy one get one 50% off at Express. They work great under a blazer, button down, or a tracksuit. Wear them to the office or to cocktail hour.